Smokies 1931 Edition East Half-- Avenza Digital Download
Smokies 1931 Edition East Half-- Avenza Digital Download
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Smokies 1931 Edition East Half-- Avenza Digital Download


  • Smokies 1931 edition GeoTiff imagery 
  • Can use while in the field to locate current position through Avenza Maps app
  • If you have a partner and would like to know what trails you BOTH have hiked together to plan for ones you haven't done, I have included a Google Docs page on how to calculate for intersected trails. 



  • Locations of map features on 1931 imagery are APPROXIMATE and are not survey grade exact. Some of the trails on the 1931 edition are no longer in use and do not exist or are overgrown. Use imagery at your own caution I am not liable!!
  • I am not responsible for you or your party being lost in the woods, injuries, or any type of search and rescue costs if you use imagery for navigation other than well established NPS trails.


    Ever had a hiking partner or group ask: I wonder how many trails we have hiked in common? And where can we plan to hike that we haven't done? 

    Check this Google Docs page that highlights how to set this up using Avenza Maps and QGIS Intersect Tool!


    Current price on Avenza Maps: $6.99 ( I receive ~$2.50/download after Apple/Android and Avenza Maps fees)

     Click here to get map link:

    If you add to cart without redirecting to Avenza you will receive for FREE:

    1)smokies_900.kml--this is a .kml file of all the 900 miler trails in the Smokies

    2)GRSM_BACKCOUNTRY_CAMPSITES.kml--this is a .kml file of all the backcountry sites in Smokies

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