Why Redhot Mapping you ask?

My AT trailname is "Redhot" so I decided to use the moniker to create this website! I received my trailname from my red hair and the red hot chili pepper bandana I wore during the whole trip.  It took me 150 days to complete the AT northbound and  it was an amazing experience. In addition to hiking the AT, I have hiked half of the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, backpacked in Denali NP, and have bicycled across the USA. Locally in the east TN area, I worked on top of Mt. LeConte for a full season in 2016 and am Smokies 900 miler.

How did you get started in creating Redhot Mapping?

Out of fun really. I noticed while hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that there was no easy way of keeping track of your hiking mileage that was cartographic appealing. Most people use the NPS visitor map and a highlighter/pen for marking, but evenutally over time the pen and highlighter markings fade away. I wanted to combine my skills in GIS (Geographic Information Systems)  to create a physical map that was "scratchable" so that you can keep up with your progress over time. Thus the Smokies 900 Miler Lidar Scratch Off Map was born along with Redhot Mapping. 

What is your company's philosophy?

Not only do I want you to accomplish your adventure challenges such as Smokies 900, Pisgah 400, or South Beyond 6000 (there are many more to list), I want the maps to be an avenue for you to meet new like-minded , "adventurey" type people outdoors. There is no community like Trail Community! When I was hiking the AT in 2017 there is something beautiful about how we were all suffering together to achieve the same goal and it didn't matter what occupation, race, gender, or social status you were categorized into---you belonged while on the trail.

I don't mind if you use the reviews sections in the product page or FB page to reach out to other people and ask if they want to go on a hike sometime. Moreover, if you want to coordinate shuttle hikes with others and see what trails they have hiked by sharing your map and to plan a hike you both haven't done, this page is perfect to do so! 

Do you provide any other mapping type services more than map production?

Yes! With over 4 years of experience in the GIS industry both in public and private industries and with a Graduate Geospatial Analysis Certificate from University of Florida, I offer expert advice in the following areas: geovisualization, python scripting workflows, editing/processing in open source/ commercial GIS softwares, web map production, and other database development services. Please see the following Geospatial Consulting page for more detail.

If I have an idea for a new map location can I get it created?

Of course! Just send over your ideas through the Contact Us page and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible. It might take some time for me to research a new area and to find/create the data needed to make the new map but I will do my best. I prefer mapping US Federal Lands such as national parks, national forests, etc due to access of data and distribution but can accommodate for private or local areas as well if you know a good person to contact. 

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